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Some of you may remember a couple of months back I joined the notonthehighstreet clan, it’s a site full of talented designs and I love having a browse on there.  I came across these personalised apple crates which were being used as cat beds. As most of you know I have two fur babies, Tom and Zack and they love hiding in boxes so I immediately thought these would be purrrrfect for them.

I was a little worried they wouldn’t share one crate between them so I asked Plantabox if they made anything to cater for multiple cats. Plantabox came up with this amazing pet bunk crate with a handy (or should I say “paw-y!”) cat ladder! I designed some artwork for the side using their two photos and Plantabox finalised the design with their names, the end result looked amazing and I was so excited to see the finished piece.

I didn’t know what to expect but knew the cats would love it. When it arrived it was all assembled and ready to use, Zack jumped straight in to his bed before I had time to add Tom’s cushion! Luckily he could read his name and he picked the right bunk ;) I knew they were going to love it but didn’t realise just how much, they have been napping in it ever since it arrived, my only regret is we didn’t get it sooner.

As you can see from these pictures, they really are the cats that got the cream.

11891123_10152984179866867_9045128385250988658_n  10421485_10152984179796867_1201866220973057838_n  11802070_10152987657331867_534648304_n 


If you would like to see Plantabox’s range of personalised apple crates you can do so here. I have already started planning my next crate, I am going to order one of their small crates with a lid to use as a "Christmas Eve Box" I can't wait to fill it with goodies and pop it under the tree this year :)

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