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  1. The Worlds First Self Watering Frame

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    We have spent months preparing for the launch of our Self Watering Frames. After extensive research we have found out the exact hydration requirements of our Family Tree Papercuts and then used this to develop a frame which at set intervals waters the papercut using a specially formulated mist to ensure your papercut continues to look beautiful with all the leaves and flowers.

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    You don't need to add any water to the frame, the frame has special porous glass that takes the moisture from your homes natural environment, even during our rare hot summer days.

    As you have probably guessed by now, this is just an April Fools joke but rest assured, your family trees don't need to be watered and will look beautiful for years to come due to the materials I use and the high quality of paper I cut from.

    Shop for your evergreen family tree here

  2. Zack and Tom's CRATE surprise

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    Some of you may remember a couple of months back I joined the notonthehighstreet clan, it’s a site full of talented designs and I love having a browse on there.  I came across these personalised apple crates which were being used as cat beds. As most of you know I have two fur babies, Tom and Zack and they love hiding in boxes so I immediately thought these would be purrrrfect for them.

    I was a little worried they wouldn’t share one crate between them so I asked Plantabox if they made anything to cater for multiple cats. Plantabox came up with this amazing pet bunk crate with a handy (or should I say “paw-y!”) cat ladder! I designed some artwork for the side using their two photos and Plantabox finalised the design with their names, the end result looked amazing and I was so excited to see the finished piece.

    I didn’t know what to expect but knew the cats would love it. When it arrived it was all assembled and ready to use, Zack jumped straight in to his bed before I had time to add Tom’s cushion! Luckily he could read his name and he picked the right bunk ;) I knew they were going to love it but didn’t realise just how much, they have been napping in it ever since it arrived, my only regret is we didn’t get it sooner.

    As you can see from these pictures, they really are the cats that got the cream.

    11891123_10152984179866867_9045128385250988658_n  10421485_10152984179796867_1201866220973057838_n  11802070_10152987657331867_534648304_n 


    If you would like to see Plantabox’s range of personalised apple crates you can do so here. I have already started planning my next crate, I am going to order one of their small crates with a lid to use as a "Christmas Eve Box" I can't wait to fill it with goodies and pop it under the tree this year :)

  3. The Crafty Calf in association with Count the Kicks

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    We are pleased to announce we have teamed up with Count the Kicks to raise awareness of their lifesaving charity.

    "Count the Kicks is a UK registered charity that aims to empower mums to be with knowledge and confidence throughout their pregnancy.

    A baby’s movement indicate its wellbeing and by understanding their baby, mums can be empowered to trust their instincts and ensure the healthy delivery of their baby. Count the Kicks was set up in 2009 by Sophia Wyatt following the stillbirth of her daughter Chloe following reduced movement (Read Chloe’s story). Determined to ensure more mums did not experience this tragedy, Count the kicks was set up to educate mums on the importance of a baby’s movements and to help them work with healthcare professionals to bring home a healthy baby."


    Whilst I was pregnant with my daughter I was introduced to CTK by my community midwife and because of their up-to-date information I was able to notice her reduced movements, CTK gave me the confidence to know when to seek help. I truely believe in this charity and am pleased to be able to spread the word whilst also giving a financial donation.

    From today, 4/2/15, 10% of profits from sales of our Pregnancy Scan Papercut will be donated to Count the Kicks.


  4. Family Tree Papercut created for history making couple!

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    Gerrie Douglas Scott. the co-owner of Reading Lasses in Wigtown, made history when she and her partner Susan became the first same sex couple to get married in Scotland, witnessed by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Scottish Green Party co-convener Patrick Harvie MSP.

    The new law on gay marriage came into effect in Scotland late last year and they saw out 2014 in style with their private ceremony in Glasgow.

    Gerrie and Susan Douglas-Scott, first met 18 years ago and have five grown up children. The Crafty Calf was honoured to create a family tree papercut as a keepsake for their wedding.


    Gerrie and Susan Douglas Scott

    Nicola Sturgeon, Susan and Gerrie Douglas Scott, and Patrick Harvie at the ceremony.

    (Picture copyright Elaine Livingstone)

    Family Tree Papercut

    The Deluxe Family Tree I created for Susan and Gerrie featuring their childrens names and wedding date.